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Short Courses

In addition to our nanny training course, we offer a number of supporting short courses:

First Aid: Teaching nannies how to deal with emergencies in order to stabilize the child and get help. Nannies who attend this module are credited with it against the Sugar and Spice nanny training course if they register within 6 months.

Kids Play: Workshops giving nannies new and creative ideas for play and fun time with the children they care for.

Cooking Courses: Teaching domestic workers, housekeepers and nannies how to prepare food that is easy, nutritious and delicious for the whole family.


Nanny Training

Our nanny training course content includes:

  • Routines and Time Management
  • First Aid, including CPR and Mouth to Mouth
  • Childproofing your home and Safety indoors and outdoors
  • Hygiene best practices
  • Avoiding the transmission of HIV and TB
  • Nutrition and Menu Planning
  • Developmental Milestones and age appropriate games and activities
  • Basic Baby Massage


Baby Food, Child Nutrition and more in our Nanny Training Course


The World Health Organisation recommends weaning from 6 months. However, new research suggests weaning between the ages of 4 to 6 months when babies are full term.

There are many conflicting opinions when it comes to baby nutrition and when to transition from breast milk to solid baby foods.


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Nanny Training for Domestic Workers

Sugar & Spice Nanny Training offers childcare courses for aspiring nannies in Cape Town.

Our primary focus is on empowering those currently working as domestic workers with all the essential knowledge, practical skills and confidence they need to take care of children and babies from birth upwards, in a loving and safe environment. We also upskill those currently working in nanny positions. This boosts the nanny’s confidence and further strengthens the trust relationship between mom and nanny.

Nanny training is aimed at moms wanting to develop their nannies as well as nannies wanting to build on their knowledge and add to their CV’s. 

Our nanny training courses have been running since January 2003 and in this time we have given more than 1000 nannies the confidence and essential tools to take care of and stimulate the babies and young children they love and are responsible for - both at work and in their communities.


We firmly believe that the task of looking after a child needs to be treated as a full-time profession.

As with any full-time profession, those tasked with this role need to be suitably qualified.

The easiest thing when looking for a nanny is to task your domestic worker with this role.

However, unless they are suitably qualified, it can often have disastrous consequences.

Ensure that they become the best nanny possible – register them on one of our nanny training courses today!


Why Sugar & Spice?

  • We are the ORIGINAL nanny training course provider in South Africa
  • We are driven by our passion to help ensure that South Africa’s nannies are suitably trained
  • We offer reduced rates to those wonderful, ambitious women, who happen to be unemployed, who choose to register themselves into one of our courses
  • We offer, at no charge or placement fee, advertising for any nannies trained by us on our website and various Facebook pages to which we are affiliated to

“Nannies should be truly valued and held in high esteem as they care for those that are most precious to us, our children! In addition to making our lives easier, the nannies add a wealth of love, care and stability to their upbringing as well as a cultural diversity and richness to their little lives.”

Kim Gorgulho, owner of Sugar & Spice