Introduction to Sugar & Spice Nanny Training

Sugar & Spice Nanny Training began in 2003. It was started by mothers, for mothers, with the aim of equipping nannies with formal training. It allowed them to be upskilled, enhancing their experience and knowledge, for what is one of the most important roles – being a nanny.

Through all our years of existence, our course content has been refined.

The company has been passed on from mother, to mother, to Kim Gorgulho.

Who is Kim Gorgulho?

Kim is the current owner and training facilitator, whose passion, vision and experience steer Sugar & Spice Nanny Training.

She is a mother of two, aunt to two, a qualified Chef who has worked in the food industry for over 19 years and who has employed a nanny to help care for her children since they were a few months old.

She also has a basic command of Xhosa and is able to communicate in Afrikaans.

Sugar & Spice Nannies are Khulu!


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