Baby Food, Child Nutrition and more in our Nanny Training Course

The World Health Organisation recommends weaning from 6 months. However, new research suggests weaning between the ages of 4 to 6 months when babies are full term.

There are many conflicting opinions when it comes to baby nutrition and when to transition from breast milk to solid baby foods.


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The importance of routines for babies and toddlers - Nanny Training Cape Town

A child's mind experiences brand new things every day. While exciting, this can also be stressful. As a parent, providing security through routine and familiarity can lessen this stress and boost your child's self-confidence and overall early childhood development.

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Empower your Nanny with our Nanny Training Course

We all know that our current government has done little to nothing when it comes to empowering our people and reducing poverty in South Africa.

As a nanny or the employer of a nanny, you have the opportunity to take charge of your situation and make a difference in your nanny’s life.

In this article, we’ll be sharing a few great empowerment ideas you can offer your nanny.

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The difference between Nannies, Au Pairs and Night Nurses

At some point or another, all parents need to put their little one/s in the helping hands of professional at-home childcare.

This is not because of your capabilities as a parent, but rather, because of the rigorous schedule of modern working life.

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Nanny Training – How to ensure the health of your nanny and children

Almost every nanny job description and nanny agency requires a caregiver to be “healthy, energetic and good with children.”

However, how do nannies maintain their health and energy, despite having to juggle the demands of their work life, together with the stresses of their at-home life?

How does a nanny ensure she is at her best both physically and mentally, while maintaining a happy and loving environment for the children in her care?

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Open Communication Channels with our Nanny Course

At Sugar and Spice Nanny Training, we believe that empowerment and open communication channels are key ingredients to any employer/nanny relationship.

For this reason, we have aimed our nanny course at cultivating both the skills and credentials of nannies, as well as improving communication and openness between nannies and their employers.

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Kids Activities – Giving your child the best early childhood development

It’s no secret that children and adults learn best and absorb information easier when their senses are engaged during activities.

When children are given the opportunity to investigate different materials without preconceived knowledge, they are able to develop and refine their cognitive, emotional, social, creative and linguistic understandings.

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Early Childhood Development through Kid’s Play Workshops

Evidence has shown us that a person’s entire life; their achievements, health and emotional well-being have their roots deeply embedded in early childhood development.

We know that if we help our children get it right in their early years, we can expect them to succeed throughout school and their adult lives.

The environment and developmental stimulation we provide for our children has a direct impact on the way their brain structure develops.

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Nanny training - good personal hygiene for kids and nannies

For some, winter is a time of blazing fires, hot chocolate, and hearty soups. For others, ie parents, it is a time of runny noses, coughs, and frequent visits to the family doctor.

Having a sick child is not easy, especially when trying to manage your work as well as home life.

Germs and winter bugs, like flu, seem to be everywhere, leaving us almost no place to hide and very little hope of our children not contracting the sniffles this season.

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An all-inclusive Nanny Training Course - with first-aid

Imagine a world full of professionals without any qualifications.

It might be tough trying to imagine doctors being doctors without having actually gone to medical school. It might also be tough to imagine teachers teaching your children without having degrees in education.

Now, try and imagine having someone look after your children with no experience in early childhood development, no knowledge of first-aid training, and very little practice in overall child care.

It’s a scary thought for all but an actual reality for most.

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